Growing The Metaverse With Content, Community & Capital

The (meta)world of crypto gaming has arrived, and is only going to grow from here. The purpose of this institution is to help accelerate that growth, and bring about a new age of gaming.

The Livestream

Content, Community & Capital

Content = Podcast

Let's explore the world of crypto gaming together! This is a complicated space, with lots of moving parts.

Our founder, Ben Gothard, hosts an interview-style video podcast exploring crypto gaming in-depth with entrepreneurs, investors, developers & more.

Join Ben on your favorite video or audio platform and learn with him as we speak to the leaders of the metaverse!

Community = Discord + Twitter

Ready to take the next step and join the conversation?

You can join the rest of the CGI community on Discord or tweet directly to the CGI Twitter account and let your thoughts be heard there!

Wherever you feel most comfortable, that's where you should go, and you're very welcome in both places.

Capital = Coming Soon!

Under construction.


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